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William I (1020 – 12 November 1087), called the Great (le Grand or Tête Hardie, "the Rash") was Count of Burgundy and Mâcon from 1057 to 1087. He was a son of Renaud I and Adelaide, daughter of Richard II, Duke of Normandy. William was the father of several notable children, including Pope Callistus II. In 1057, he succeeded his father and reigned over a territory larger than that of the Franche-Comté itself. In 1087, he died in Besançon and was buried there in the cathedral of St John. William married a woman named Stephanie.[1] They had many children: * Renaud II, William's successor, died on First Crusade * Stephen I, successor to Renaud II, Stephen died on the Crusade of 1101 * Raymond, married (1090) Urraca, the reigning queen of Castile * Guy of Vienne, elected pope, in 1119 at the Abbey of Cluny. as Calixtus II * Sybilla (or Maud), married (1080) Eudes I of Burgundy * Gisela of Burgundy, married (1090) Humbert II of Savoy and then Renier I of Montferrat * Adelaide * Eudes * Hugh III, Archbishop of Besançon * Clementia married Robert II, Count of Flanders and was Regent, during his absence * Stephanie married Lambert, Prince de Royans (d.1119) * Ermentrude, married (1065) Theodoric I * (perhaps) Bertha wife of Alphonso VI of Castile
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